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The Scottish Mountaineering Club
The SCOTTISH MOUNTAINEERING CLUB was formed in 1889 as a result of correspondence in the Glasgow Herald initiated by William W. Naismith. Although other Scottish clubs existed at this time, such as the Cairngorm Club, these had only local membership and limited technical aspirations. In the period up to the Great War the SMC thoroughly explored and described our mountains and crags, recounting their exploits in the SMC Journal, which has remained in continuous publication from 1890 to the present.

The Mountaineering Committee of Scotland
The MOUNTAINEERING COMMITTEE of SCOTLAND was formed in 1970 by the Association of Scottish Climbing Clubs to represent the views of the mountaineers of Scotland. The MCofS represents 132 affiliated clubs based in Scotland, containing over 6,500 members; as well as over 1,800 individual members from all over the UK and abroad. It is funded in part by grant from SportScotland (formerly the Scottish Sports Council), in recognition of its role as the Governing Body. Other grants from Scottish Natural Heritage and The Scottish Mountaineering Trust help towards the employment of an Access and Conservation Officer. Grants from the Scottish Office through SportScotland help towards the employment of a Mountain Safety Advisor.

The British Mountaineering Council
The BRITISH MOUNTAINEERING COUNCIL is a democratic body controlled by its membership through an elected Management Committee, a network of area meetings and elected area representatives.
It is a company limited by guarantee, not having a share capital. The BMC's income is derived from subscriptions, sale of services and Sports Council grants.

Association of Mountaineering Instructors
The Association of Mountaineering Instructors aims to help you become an independent and self-reliant mountaineer. Whether your sport is hill walking, rock climbing or snow and ice climbing our members will develop your skills to help you move safely and confidently in the UK and Irish hills.

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