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Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland
The MOUNTAIN RESCUE COMMITTEE of SCOTLAND is the representative and co-ordinating body for mountain rescue services in Scotland. It is administered by an Executive Committee which reports to the General Committee comprising around 60 Mountain Rescue Teams and other organisations. It collates and analyses all mountain accident information in Scotland and produces an annual report which is published in the Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal. In addition, it organises seminars, national conferences and various training courses and also produces various publications including an in-house magazine "CASBAG".

Mountain Rescue England and Wales
MOUNTAIN RESCUE England and Wales is a registered charity comprising members of mountain rescue teams and regions and representatives from cave rescue. There are nine mountain rescue regions and 48 teams. All these organisations are independent charities, made up entirely by volunteers. Search dog handlers are team members who undertake extra specialist training with their dogs. There are five dog groups within MREW SARDA England, SARDA Wales, SARDA South Wales, Lake District MRSD and NSARDA.

Mountain Rescue Council
The MOUNTAIN RESCUE COUNCIL is an autonomous, co-ordinating body to which all the various regional bodies belong, together with the British Cave Rescue Council and the Search and Rescue Dogs Association. The membership of the Council extends to cover the Association of Chief Police Officers, H.M. Coastguard, RAF Search and Rescue, The Home Office Radio Branch and Fire Service Inspectorate, The Sports Council and the Association of Chief Ambulance Officers. It is again a voluntary body and a registered charity. It's main function is to liaise on behalf of the teams with the various government departments in the running of Mountain and Cave Rescue and to arrange such items as the provision of communications, stretchers and First Aid Equipment, and the provision of accident insurance for team members when they are training or operational.
The MRC also purchases public liability insurance for team members.

Search and Rescue Dog Association (Scotland)
The SEARCH and RESCUE DOG ASSOCIATION (SCOTLAND) S.A.R.D.A. is a voluntary charity organisation training Search and Rescue Dogs for Mountain Rescue Teams all over Scotland.
The Association needs your help and support to continue to train dogs to search for missing persons wherever required - mountains, moorlands, fields, forests - the dogs work anywhere in Scotland 24 hours a day 7 days a week - ALWAYS ON CALL.
The dogs and handlers are called out by contacting the Police and asking for Mountain Rescue Search Dogs.

Search and Rescue Dog Association (Southern Scotland)
The SEARCH and RESCUE DOG ASSOCIATION (Southern SCOTLAND) S.A.R.D.A. is a non profit making, voluntary organisation to help the Police and Mountain Rescue Teams search for missing people.
SARDA Southern Scotland, founder member of the National Search and Rescue Dog Association, can provide search dogs in the South of Scotland at any time 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
All the members of SARDA Southern Scotland are active members of their local mountain rescue team as well as SARDA to keep their mountain rescue skills up to date. SARDA is a registered charity and depends on the support of the public.

National Search and Rescue Dog Association
The NATIONAL SEARCH and RESCUE DOG ASSOCIATION N.S.A.R.D.A. is an umbrella organisation for Air Scenting Search Dogs in the UK. Each of its members, throughout the UK, are voluntary organisations responsible for training and deploying air scenting search and rescue dogs to search for missing persons in the mountains and high moorlands of Britain, as well as the lowland, rural and urban areas.
The Aims of NSARDA are to provide a single voice for Search and Rescue Dog Associations, raise public awareness of Search and Rescue Dogs, raise and maintain the capabilities and standards of air scenting search dogs in the UK and foster responsible dog ownership.

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