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John Muir Trust
The JOHN MUIR TRUST was formed in 1983 to protect and conserve wild places and to increase awareness and understanding of the value of such places.
The Trust works closely with local communities. It believes that sustainable conservation can only be achieved by recognising special qualities of wild places and understanding the human factors and other aspects which contribute to the landscape we think of - and value - as wild.
Today, the Trust has over 10,000 members and supporters. It owns and manages seven superb areas totalling 50,000 acres in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland demonstrating how wild places can be managed and enhanced for their own sake and for the benefit of present and future generations. The Trust is building real partnerships with local communities, thus creating a long term and sustainable basis for effective management in the future and has become a voice for our country's wild places - not only those owned by the Trust - in influencing public opinion and policy.

The National Trust for Scotland
The NATIONAL TRUST for SCOTLAND, established in 1931, is the conservation charity that protects and promotes Scotland's natural and cultural heritage for present and future generations to enjoy.
With over 250,000 members it is the largest independent (not a government department) conservation charity in Scotland and depends on donations, legacies, grants and membership subscriptions.

The National Trust
The NATIONAL TRUST, was founded in 1895 with the aim of saving our nation's heritage and open spaces. 116 years later, we're still working hard to uphold these values. We protect historic houses, gardens, mills, coastline, forests, woods, fens, beaches, farmland, moorland, islands, archaeological remains, nature reserves, villages and pubs. Then we open them up for ever, for everyone.

The North East Mountain Trust
The NORTH EAST MOUNTAIN TRUST is an association of climbers and hill walkers in North East Scotland. It is a recognised charity whose main aim is to conserve the environment of the hills of north east Scotland for the benefit of the public wishing to take recreation there, both now and in the future.
They resist inappropriate skiing development in sensitive areas, campaign for the protection of our native pine forests, work to preserve the network of paths and rights of way and are totally opposed to the proliferation of bulldozed hill tracks. Similarly, the North East sea cliffs are a valuable recreational amenity which should not be despoiled by quarrying and dumping.

Scottish Natural Heritage
SCOTTISH NATURAL HERITAGE works with Scotland's people to care for our natural heritage.
Their aims are to safeguard and enhance Scotland's natural heritage, particularly its natural, genetic and scenic diversity; to foster awareness and understanding of the natural heritage; to promote enjoyment of, and responsible public access to, the natural heritage in ways which do not damage it; to encourage public support and voluntary effort for the benefit of the environment; to promote improvement of the natural heritage in and around towns and cities; and to encourage environmental sustainability in all forms of economic activity.

Scottish Wildlife Trust
SCOTTISH WILDLIFE TRUST is a charitable organisation, representing the largest voluntary body working for all the wildlife of Scotland and relies on donations from individuals and organisations to fund their work. It has over 24,000 members who care for wildlife and the environment, raises public awareness of threatened habitats and species, manages over 125 wildlife reserves throughout Scotland and co-operates with government agencies and other conservation organisations.

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