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Almost on top of the Last Munro - Ciste Dhubh Gordon a few steps away from the summit of Ciste Dhubh (35years and 600 bumps later)
Photo : Liz Bray
The publisher, Gordon Henderson, is a keen hillwalker who has worked in the oil industry in the North-East of Scotland since 1980. He completed his first round of Munros in 2011 and has now migrated to the Corbetts with over 150 still to climb.

3000 PLUS began as a simple attempt to record my personal Munro-bagging exploits - nothing more. However, almost immediately, friends and colleagues wanted a copy of their own and this encouraged me to think about a commercial publication. This resulted in a hectic period spending most of my spare time preparing the first edition and having to think for the first time about printing, publishing, packaging, distribution, despatch, advertising, promotion, finance etc.

Since then I have folded and packaged tens of thousands of maps, fought off a number of buy-out attempts, recycled thousands of maps due to the reclassification of several Munros, been questioned by the police about a suspected stolen whisky consignment and last, but by no means least, risked marital strife when I mislaid my wedding ring on a fact-finding trip to Edinburgh ... not forgetting a couple of NDEs (Near Death Experiences) along the way (losing my wedding ring not being one of the NDEs I hasten to add ... but it was a close call!).

"So what on earth possessed me to expand into England and Wales and spend the last ten years pulling together two more maps of their respective mountains? If it wasn't for my interest in cartography and love of climbing hills, irrespective of where they are or how high they are, I would not have done it - especially considering the numerous setbacks there have been during the printing process (mainly due to software issues) and the time needed to ensure everything went to plan."

"I hope you find these maps useful and that they help you to realise your goals. We might well bump into each other one day, up a mountain, in either beautiful sunny conditions with spectactular views or looming out of the mist in a heavy drizzle on a cold miserable day. Meantime, enjoy your trips to the mountains and be safe."
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Last Update : 13th April 2014