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A Short History of 2000 PLUS ENGLAND

2000 PLUS ENGLAND, is a comprehensive, full-colour map of all English summits over 2000ft based on information from The Mountains of England and Wales - Volume 2 England by John and Anne Nuttall ( www.nuttalls.com ), clearly showing the location of all 254 summits. Designed by a hillwalker, for hillwalkers, it is an invaluable tool for outdoor enthusiasts to plan and record expeditions, providing an easy-to-use visual record of summits climbed and those still to conquer.

This first edition (and companion to 2000 PLUS WALES also by the same author), depicts all 254 summits in England over 2000ft, comprising of 111 main peaks and 143 subsidiary tops. Also included for the enthusiast are Snaefell on the Isle of Man and a further 185 minor summits over 2000ft but with insufficient re-ascent to merit similar status.

Mountain profiles are interspersed between a comprehensive list of all summits, providing an instantly recognisable silhouette of the mountain ranges and their relative positions. The list also includes heights and a symbol to capture summits attained. Layer tints highlight the relief of the rugged mountain landscape of England and the geographical distribution of all summits. All this within a glossy protective card cover.

Further information includes road and rail routes; hostels; coverage of relevant OS 1/50,000 Landranger maps; a simple co-ordinate reference system to relate the summits to the map and vice versa.

Finally, to promote safety in the hills, information about Mountain Rescue England and Wales (MREW) can be found on the inside cover.

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First Edition - 2013
Actual Size
First Edition (2013) of 2000 PLUS ENGLAND
N.B. 2000 PLUS ENGLAND was published
using Offset Litho printing technology.
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  2000 PLUS ENGLAND (First Edition 2013)

This first edition, published in 2013 (see left) adopts the same look and feel of 3000 PLUS - The Original Munro Map and provides details of all 254 summits over 2000 feet in England.
Also included are 185 summits without sufficient reascent to be included in the original list.

Features include.....

Mountain profiles within a comprehensive list of summits which provide an instantly recognisable silhouette of the mountain ranges and their relative positions.

See  Details  for clearer image.

Layer colouring to highlight the relief of Englandís rugged mountain landscape and the geographical distribution of summits.

Laminated protective card cover incorporating information on Mountain Rescue England and Wales (MREW).

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